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Why use ceramics for circuit boards?

2019-8-10      View:

Ceramic PCB are actually made of electronic ceramics material and can be made into various shapes. Among them, the ceramic PCB has the most remarkable features of high temperature resistance and high electrical insulation performance, and has the advantages of low dielectric constant and dielectric loss, high thermal conductivity, good chemical stability, and similar thermal expansion coefficient of the component, and Ceramic PCB are produced using LAM technology, a laser rapid activation metallization technology. Used in LED field, high power semiconductor module, semiconductor cooler, electronic heater, power control circuit, power mixing circuit, intelligent power component, high frequency switching power supply, solid state relay, automotive electronics, communication, aerospace and military electronics Component.

 Unlike traditional FR-4 (glass fiber) , ceramic materials have good high-frequency performance and electrical properties, and have high thermal conductivity, chemical stability and thermal stability. The ideal packaging material for a generation of large-scale integrated circuits and power electronics modules.