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Ceramic PCB

2019-8-10      View:

Compared with traditional PCBs whose substrate materials are epoxy glass fiber, polyimide, polystyrene and phenolic resin, ceramic PCB features the following properties:

     • Ceramic PCB has excellent thermal conductivity
     Ceramic PCB is chemical erosion resistant
     Ceramic PCB has agreeable mechanical intensity
     Ceramic PCB is compatible with CTE of components
     Ceramic PCB is easy to implement high-density tracing.

Due to increasingly multiple functions of ceramic PCB, miniaturization and high speed of electronic devices and upsizing of IC, more rigorous requirement has to be set to ceramic PCB in terms of CTE, thermal conductivity, loss, dielectric constant and tape resistance. It can be estimated that ceramic PCB will be increasingly more called for with aluminum nitride, mullite and glass ceramic as substrate material.